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Will Ferrell still hurt by sports injury

Will Ferrell is still reeling from his recent soccer experience in England when his coach mocked him for hobbling off the field after 70 minutes.

The Old School star was playing for the Rest of the World team in a celebrity charity game at Manchester United's hallowed Old Trafford stadium when he suffered a match-ending injury.

He recalls, "They said, 'Just run around, hit the ball and have some laughs,' but everyone there has played semi-professional soccer.

"I popped my hamstring... and I literally had to hobble off the field... I had to walk the length of the field to get into the training room, and I thought the coach would be like, 'I'm so sorry, I should have taken you out,' but he was the former coach of Liverpool... and his comment to me was like, 'Hey Will, when I saw you hobbling off the field I was wondering if you were gonna audition for one of your Hollywood cowboy movies,' and then just had a huge laugh and just walked away.

"I don't know if I'm ever gonna walk again at that moment."

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