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Victoria Justice has lost touch with Jamie Lynn Spears

Britney Spears' little sister Jamie Lynn has lost touch with all her former TV co-stars since becoming a teenage mom - because she changes her telephone number so many times.

The actress stunned fans when she fell pregnant at 16 and disappeared from the spotlight after finding success in kids TV shows Zoey 101 and All That.

Co-stars like Victoria Justice have tried to keep in touch with Spears, who turned 21 last month (Apr12), but she has made it very hard for them to contact her.

Victorious star Victoria Justice says, "Jamie changed her number a million times because people kept on getting it and bugging her and so we've kinda lost contact."

But she has fond on-set memories of her old pal, and recalls one occasion when big sister Britney paid a visit.

The actress/singer explains, "We had this school trailer - me, Jamie and all the other kids were in school together - and we had, like, a bread machine, because that's how weird home-schooled kids entertain themselves; they bake bread.

"She came and we'd just baked a fresh loaf... We were slicing the bread and spreading the butter with Britney Spears, my childhood idol."

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