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Tyler Posey still hurting over broken engagement

Actor Tyler Posey is still nursing a broken heart after ending his engagement to longtime girlfriend Seana Gorlick in 2014.

The Teen Wolf star began dating Seana when he was 12 and they became engaged in 2013. However, the couple split a little over a year later, and the 24-year-old admits he is not yet ready to move on.

"I still really miss her," he tells People magazine. "I can't believe I have an ex-fiancee."

Tyler tried to start dating following the break-up, but he soon realized he wasn't ready to get back into a relationship.

"I've never been a player or into one-night stands," he says. "I need to be single for a little while. I need time to grow."

The actor suffered more heartbreak after the split when his mother passed away in 2014 of breast cancer.

"She was my best friend," he continues. "She was the glue that held our family together... I've lost my sense of family."

Tyler reveals he still struggles with depression over the painful losses and throws himself into work in a bid to take his mind off his sadness.

"Whenever I have too much downtime, I start to get sad," he adds. "Keeping busy keeps me sane. I want to put everything in my career. (This past year) has really changed me, but I like who I've become. I'm growing every single day. After everything I've been through, I've realized I can do anything I put my mind to. And I want to do it all."

Tyler recently admitted he has also found another way to cope with his own depression, by helping others through their grief via social media.

"It's been rough," the 24-year-old told news show Access Hollywood Live of losing his mom last month (Jan16). "I didn't really have anyone to look towards when this kind of thing happened; there was nobody that I knew that really was dealing with kind of thing. I wasn't secretive about it, I just wasn't open about my mom's passing.

"Eventually I made this YouTube channel - it's mostly to play songs - and I just opened up about my mom after a song, and it was really raw and I didn't plan it and I just started talking.

"Now I just wanna help kids that are kinda going through the same thing, like a grief counseling kinda thing, and a lot of kids respected it and looked up to it... I'm still figuring it out... I just wanna be as real as possible."

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