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Two men facing charges after pretending to represent Taylor Swift

Two men are facing felony charges after allegedly posing as representatives for country star Taylor Swift.

Derrick 'Suits' Robinson and Emmanuel 'Kojo' Bentil are accused of scamming businessman Kachik Mouradian into investing $375,000 into a Swift concert, to be held in Phoenix, Arizona back in March, 2010. The pair also produced two fake documents to make the transaction appear legitimate.

However, when the Love Story star's gig failed to materialise, Mouradian confronted the men about the scheme and Robinson and Bentil agreed to return $150,000.

Both New York residents are now facing one count of second-degree grand larceny and two counts of second-degree criminal possession of a forged instrument. They are set to appear in court next month (Apr12).

If convicted, Robinson and Bentil face up to 15 years behind bars, according to Fox News.

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