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Topher Grace lived with his folks while making new movie

Actor Topher Grace got to live with his parents while he was making new all-star comedy The Big Wedding, because shooting took place in his home town.

The former That 70's Show star woke up in the bunk bed he slept in when he was a child growing up in Connecticut.

He says, "I went away to boarding school when I was 12 but I came home every summer, and then when I was in college I came home during the summer and then even during That 70's Show there were summer breaks, so I would go home, so my room hasn't changed since I was 12.

"I have that sports poster... and a bunch of Jurassic Park posters and glow-in-the-dark stars.

"My mom would wake me up and she'd cut peaches into my cereal and then I'd go and do a scene with (movie mom) Diane Keaton."

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