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Tom Hiddleston's mad dash to Cannes after plane fire

British actor Tom Hiddleston refused to let a cancelled flight ruin his trip to last year's (13) Cannes Film Festival, so he took a ferry to France and travelled through the night to make it to the prestigious event.

The Avengers star was a guest at the annual movie bonanza in the South of France and was photographed with Tilda Swinton as they promoted their new vampire drama Only Lovers Left Alive.

The photos caused a storm online as Hiddleston was wearing a figure-hugging three-piece blue suit which betrayed a noticeable bulge in his groin, but he has now revealed his appearance at the event was a miracle as he endured a disastrous journey from his native U.K.

Hiddleston tells Britain's Elle magazine, "I had a very interesting experience going to Cannes. An airplane in (London airport) Heathrow caught fire and they shut down the whole airport. There were no tickets on (London to Paris train service) Eurostar. All the flights from (second London airport) Gatwick were booked. So I got in a taxi and drove to Dover (on the English south coast).

"I got on the ferry at 2am, with people on the booze cruise, and students going on hockey tours, got to Calais at 5am, another taxi to Paris airport, flew to Nice, landed about 11.30am... got in another cab and drove straight to that photocall, where that picture was taken, having changed in the car on the way there. So I think I look all right, for someone who's been up all night."

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