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Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton beaten up in new movie

Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton fought through the pain while making new ultimate martial arts movie Warrior after taking the film's gritty scenes too far.

Both actors were broken and bruised while making the film and director Gavin O'Connor was often left wincing as his leading men battled each other.

He says, "Joel blew out his knee. He tore his ACL. And Tom broke ribs, a finger and some toes. There were a lot of black eyes. It was intense."

And Inception star Hardy tells E!Online.com he also found the training intense: "We did a couple of hours of jiu jitsu and boxing and then a couple hours of muay thai and some wrestling ever day and then some choreography and weightlifting. That was seven days a week for eight weeks. Then we started filming."

Hardy and Edgerton play feuding brothers in the film.

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