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Tina Fey jokes about Emmys nip-slip during Saturday Night Live ad

Tina Fey has laughed off her split-second wardrobe malfunction at the Emmy Awards by poking fun at herself in the teaser for her return to Saturday Night Live.

The 30 Rock writer and star will host the 39th season premiere of the sketch show on Saturday (28Sep13) and she is using promotional ads for the TV gig to address her nipple-slip moment onstage at the Emmys last weekend (22Sep13).

Fey was stepping up to accept her writing award for 30 Rock when cameras caught her right breast exposed as she celebrated the win.

The funny girl was not aware of the nip-slip until eagle-eyed bloggers caught the moment and wrote about it, but Fey isn't shying away from the controversy.

In one new ad for SNL, she briefly addresses the scandal and says, "That will never happen again," while flapping her arms. Her sports jacket then opens up to reveal her uncovered boobs, which are pixellated for the comedy clip.

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