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The Chainsmokers work on 'growing a thick skin' to cope with fame

The Chainsmokers are doing their best to "grow a thick skin" as they adjust to their new life in the spotlight.

The DJ duo - Drew Taggart and Alex Pall - hit headlines earlier this month (Oct16) when they criticized Lady Gaga's recent single Perfect Illusion, leading to a Twitter exchange with the singer herself.

But being fairly new to the industry, the pair was unaware of just how much of a storm a throwaway comment can cause, and are now trying to get used to being famous.

"A relationship with attention is really an odd thing," Drew told Digital Spy. "At the end of the day we just want to make records that we love and play shows for our fans.

"The whole fame thing obviously plays a part in that, and it's beneficial to some extent to be known when trying to promote something that is really important to you. But also you're up there for discussion in front of a bunch of people who don't really know who you are.

"They can put you into a category based on the tiniest thing and that's something we're just getting used to - growing (a) thick skin and being able to let things go."

Drew and Alex were being interview by Rolling Stone magazine when they were asked what they thought of Gaga's latest offering, with Alex not holding back as he said "it sucks" and reportedly scrunched up his nose.

Rather than blast them right back, Lady Gaga waited until the release of her second single A-Yo on Tuesday (18Oct16) to acknowledge the criticism by sharing a link to the song on Twitter, and adding, “#AYO @TheChainsmokers maybe u guys’ll like this 1 better.”

The duo seemed to enjoy the remark and replied, "Haha @ladygaga RESPECT" followed by a hands in the air emoji.

While they are still adjusting to their newfound fame, Alex added to Digital Spy the duo has received some helpful advice from

some of the biggest names in the industry

"The chaos of our personal lives: that's a new thing," Alex said. "Obviously this newfound spotlight that's come with the success the songs have been having, that's definitely taken some adjusting to.

"Guys like Blink-182 and Ryan Tedder have been helpful and just like, 'Listen, we've all been there, learn from it, this is what you should do, don't sweat it.'"

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