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Taylor Swift sends special shout out to Olympian Torin Yater-Wallace

Taylor Swift had Olympic skier Torin Yater-Wallace smiling from ear to ear recently after recording a good luck message for the sports team and sending a special shout out to the teen, who is a big fan.

The 18-year-old sportsman had declared his love for superstar Swift before heading to Sochi, Russia to take part in the Winter Olympics earlier this month (Feb14), revealing he frequently listens to her music to help get him in the right mind frame before big competitions.

Bosses at news show Entertainment Tonight took the information to the Love Story hitmaker and she agreed to record a message for the Olympians, making sure she thanked Yater-Wallace for his support.

In the video, she said, "Hey, it's Taylor, I just wanted to good luck to everybody going to Sochi. I wanted to wish all the Winter athletes luck and Torin, thanks for listening to my music while you practise. That's amazing!"

The skier was shown the footage in Sochi last week (ends14Feb14) and he broke into a huge smile as he watched his pop idol onscreen, exclaiming, "Whoa! She knows my name."

He added, "I'd like to thank you,Taylor Swift, for telling me good luck, and tell her she's one of the most beautiful people to walk on this planet."

The Colorado resident then shared his ideal date night if he was ever given the chance to romance Swift: "We'll go to the Hickory House in Aspen and get barbecue ribs and maybe go to the hot tub at the Ritz Carlton. And she can come over and we can see what happens after that."

Unfortunately, the good luck message did little to help Yater-Wallace - he fell in both of his runs during the men's ski halfpipe event on Tuesday (18Feb14).

Swift isn't the only famous sweetheart back home offering fans at the Olympics her support - The Amazing Spider-Man star Emma Stone recorded a special message for skier Nick Goepper after learning he had a crush on her.

She said, "Hi, it's Emma. I just wanted to say hi to Nick and good luck to all of the Winter Olympians."

The thrilled 19 year old said, "I'm a total fan of... Easy A... gorgeous, gorgeous performance."

He added, "Emma, if we ever meet up, if we ever cross paths, I'd like to hang out for five minutes, that's all I ask."

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