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Taylor Swift quotes song lyrics on trespassing warning signs

Taylor Swift has installed quirky new signposts around her new property in Rhode Island warning against trespassing following a recent arrest close to the pop star's home.

The singer's security team has been on high alert since she moved into the lavish oceanfront mansion in the coastal village of Watch Hill, after a male swimmer was booked for straying too close to the shoreline of her private beach in May (13).

Swift has now decided to put up warnings around the plot of land, but has added her own unique twist by quoting lyrics from her hit single I Knew You Were Trouble.

The signs read: "I knew you were trouble when you walked in. NO TRESPASSING".

The increased security around her home has already caused some tension with locals after residents were reportedly barred from entering an area of East Beach, close to the border of Swift's property.

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