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Taylor Swift dreamed up song in her sleep

Singer Taylor Swift thought up the chorus for her song All You Had To Do Was Stay in her dreams.

The Shake It Off hitmaker explains she had a dream one night where she was unable to talk and could only scream the word "stay" and she woke up and decided to add the shriek to a chorus in her song.

She says, "You'll hear in the chorus, you'll hear this high pitched 'stay'. It's like this stabbing, screech sound and that was the sound I heard in a dream... (where) I was trying to talk to somebody and all that would come out of my voice was that sound...

"I woke up and I was haunted by this sound; I was like, 'Why, that's the weirdest sound'. And so the next day I went into the studio and wrote a song and incorporated that into the chorus."

The track appears on her new album 1989.

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