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Taylor Swift credited with bringing back Polaroids

Taylor Swift has been credited with giving nostalgic camera brand Polaroid a huge boost by featuring one of their instant snaps on the cover of her best-selling album 1989.

The pop superstar scored a huge international hit with the 2014 record, which became the best-selling album of the year and went on to sell more than 8.6 million copies worldwide.

The album covered featured a Polaroid picture of the singer, with her initials and the record's title scrawled underneath, and now bosses of the camera company have thanked Swift for a revival in their fortunes.

Polaroid CEO Scott Hardy tells Digitalspy.co.uk, "There's a huge resurgence of instant Polaroid cameras. The whole hipster generation, they love the nostalgia and the retro element of what our brand stands for. Taylor Swift's 1989 only helps bolster this growth... Taylor Swift's camp approached us and told us about her upcoming album, 1989, which was the year she was born. They said they would love to do something with Polaroid and so we did a nice collaboration effort with her and she bundled 12 Polaroid photographs with that special edition album. With a Polaroid picture you have that space to write underneath what it is, and so she personally hand wrote what's going on, chose the photographs and then we bundled them in.

"It was one of the most successful album launches in history and is continuing to do very well. That was a proof point that showed that younger demographic know Polaroid, they want Polaroid products and they love what we stand for."

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