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Tara Reid wed in casual clothes

Tara Reid wed businessman Zack Kehayov in such haste she had to say her vows in casual clothes as she had no time to buy a dress.

The American Pie star married Kehayov on the Greek island of Santorini earlier this month (Aug11) after dating him for just two months.

Now the actress has revealed her beau went down on one knee for a romantic proposal as they gazed out to sea - before dashing to a jewellery store to buy a ring.

Reid tells Britain's OK! magazine, "It's not an infatuation. Anyone who has met us will tell you the same thing... We didn't know we were going to do this. We just decided to go on a vacation together, it was very last-minute.

"It was so romantic, we were in Santorini overlooking the ocean and Zack said he thought it would be a good idea, and I agreed with him so he asked me and I said yes...

"(The wedding was) the next day. It was beautiful. It was just me and Zack by the ocean, which was absolutely incredible. We didn't write down our vows, we said the ones they gave us - but we didn't read them beforehand, so we were nervous reading them out.

"We just wore what we had - so, for me, a white shirt, white tank top, white pants, and white T-shirt. It was very casual... Zack did a really great job on the rings. That's really important. There are amazing jewellery shops in Santorini, and he went to one and got me the most incredible ring."

And the fast-moving couple is already planning to start a family. Reid adds, "Yeah, we'll have kids - but not just yet. We want to enjoy each other first. Although, now I've said that, I'll probably get pregnant this year!"

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