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T.I. rejected autobiography idea because he's 'too young'

T.I. turned down offers to pen a memoir because he's convinced he's "too young" to look back on his life at the age of 31.

The hip-hop star, real name Clifford Harris, Jr., is making his literary debut with fictional book Power & Beauty: A Love Story of Life on the Streets, but he reveals his very first book could have been an autobiography.

He says, "I think I'm too young to have an autobiography at 30, 31 years old... And also I think people expected that. It's easier to write about yourself, but if you actually have characters and create an actual story that people can become consumed with, that's more of an attribute to your skill."

But his new writing venture does not mean he's turning his back on hip-hop.

He adds, "There will be more music, I'm not retiring."

The rapper recently revealed he's working on two sequels to Power & Beauty, as well as a relationship self-help book with his wife, Tameka 'Tiny' Cottle.

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