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Stowe's car flattened by falling tree

Actress Madeleine Stowe is mourning the loss of her luxury SUV after it was crushed by a fallen tree.

The Last of the Mohicans star narrowly escaped injury over the Thanksgiving Day holiday last week (24-27Nov11) when an uprooted 70-year-old oak crashed onto her Lexus just minutes after she had parked the car in her drive in Santa Monica, California.

She tells local TV news station KTLA that she ran out to the vehicle after the fallen tree triggered her car alarm. She says, "A huge, beautiful old oak tree had just pancaked the car."

Emergency services had to block off Stowe's street while the tree was removed.

Stowe isn't the only celebrity to suffer a tree trauma in the past 10 days - storm winds brought a huge eucalyptus crashing through a wall at Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart's Beverly Hills home on Wednesday night (30Nov11), bursting a water pipe and flooding the property. Pregnant Gayheart, Dane and their 18-month-old daughter Molly escaped unscathed and are currently holed up in a nearby hotel while their place is repaired.

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