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Steve Madden forgives Iggy Azalea for shoe collection rant

Shoe designer Steve Madden has forgiven Iggy Azalea for her ill-advised social media attack on a new footwear line she created with him.

The Fancy hitmaker blasted Madden and his creative team after they went public with ads for the new collection earlier this week (beg26Jan15) without Azalea's approval.

In a Twitter tirade, which the rapper later deleted, she accused Steve Madden officials of failing to run the ads by her before going public with them, and insisted the photos did not reflect her vision, stating, "Everything in a collaboration is supposed to be mutually approved. But Steve madden did the most disgusting photo shoot ever and never Even told me about it, I'm just now seeing it as its uploaded on some random tumblr page and iam (I am) livid.

"I worked really hard on the creative direction of both the shoes and the shoot I WAS involved with and in. I really feel it's been Tainted with these God awful images that Steve madden took appon (upon) themselves to create and share without my knowledge. Gross gross gross."

Responding to her rant on Friday (30Jan15), Madden told TMZ.com he was far from impressed when he heard of the rapper's tweet, but she has since apologized to him and now he is keen to work with her again.

The shoe boss says, "She's 24 years old and she's a big star and she makes mistakes... It was terrible what she did but she's a great artist. It was an outburst, a temper tantrum and she's over it. The damage is done a little bit but I still love her.

"I was upset when I saw it... She's temperamental, she's in this cauldron, this pressure cooker.... While it could have been damaging, what am I gonna do?... We plan on working with Iggy again. We've both sent love letters to each other... She lost her mind and she recovered it quickly."

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