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Steve Aoki creates specially tailored Zumba music

Superstar DJ Steve Aoki has created music for a new Zumba workout.

The 39-year-old music star is collaborating with bosses at Zumba Fitness to write tunes for their new exercise class.

Unlike most Zumba routines, the new workout, dubbed STRONG, will not feature dance moves, but body weight exercises, martial arts and jump training.

"I love that I can translate my high-energy beats from the stage to the fitness floor and motivate people to burn calories and get toned!" Aoki enthused in a press release.

Explaining how he wrote the music, he added: "Creating music for this program was a unique process. I received the routine and scored music around it, bringing the routine to life. When we pair the song with the moves, the motivation factor is insane!"

Steve's new workout music will only be available on an app for users who sign up to the classes.

Created by Colombian trainer Alberto Perez in the 1990s, Zumba classes are now enjoyed by millions of fitness fanatics around the world.

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