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Sophie Turner wants Kit Harington's perfect pin curls

Game Of Thrones actress Sophie Turner is jealous of her co-star Kit Harington's perfectly curled coif.

The 20-year-old plays Sansa Stark in the hit HBO drama and her red hair is frequently transformed into an array of styles, including braids, intricate up dos, and loose curls for the show.

However, when it comes to a good curl, Sophie admits her onscreen half-brother Kit, 29, has the look nailed from the moment he opens his eyes in the morning.

"If it was up to Kit, as to how long hair would take (before a shoot), he would take longer on those," she laughed to GQ. "But it's mine that takes longer. He wakes up and his is terrific naturally. He's got like, the perfect little pin curls. He looks amazing. Mine takes a while. I don't wake up looking like Kit Harington."

Despite Kit's natural good looks, Sophie revealed it doesn't stop the actor from spending a painstaking amount of time in front of the mirror ahead of a big event.

"He'll kill me for saying this, but if we're on the red carpet, I promise he'll stand in front of the mirror for hours," she said. "I've seen him do it. Even though he wakes up perfect, it's never good enough for him. He's gonna absolutely kill me."

Meanwhile, Sophie has been learning all about her own personal style now she has access to top brand names and designers, but she recently admitted it took her a while to figure out which styles look good on her changing figure.

"I've only just come to realise it isn't about dressing in what's fashionable, it's about dressing for your shape," she explained to InStyle.co.uk last year (15). "When I was 13, I was tiny and could wear pretty much anything. Now I've gone through adolescence, I'm just figuring out what clothes suit me. I can't just throw anything on anymore."

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