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Sofia Vergara slaps TV host over Internet remarks

Actress Sofia Vergara poked fun at the faceless Internet 'trolls' who regularly berate her in cyberspace by broadcasting their vile spewings on live TV on Wednesday night (08Jan14).

The Modern Family star was given a platform to let viewers have a taste of what she's subjected to online during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, during which he read out nasty posts about her to her face.

They ranged from, "If only Sofia Vergara was a mute. Her voice rings in my ears!", to, "Sofia Vergara has an amazing body, but the face not so much", and, "Sofia Vergara has a man jaw lol (laugh out loud). It's just something that annoys me. Girl is ugly..."

But when Kimmel read: "Sofia Vergara, has anyone checked for a penis?" the Colombian sex symbol reacted and slapped him, prompting Kimmel to remind her, "These are from the Internet!" as she pretended to storm off.

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