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Sofia Vergara not interested in leaving comedy behind

Modern Family star Sofia Vergara has no interest in trying to reinvent herself as a serious actress, insisting she refuses to "burn" herself out tackling dramas.

The Colombian beauty has made a name for herself starring in the hit sitcom, and although she has branched out into movies such as The Smurfs and director Robert Rodriguez's upcoming Machete sequel, she is happy to continue laughing her way through life onscreen.

She tells Allure magazine, "I'm fine just doing comedy. I don't want to burn myself (out) trying to prove that I can do a drama. It's not really killing me."

Vergara had previously been cast in filmmaker Lee Daniels' steamy thriller The Paperboy, but scheduling conflicts forced her to pull out and she was replaced by Nicole Kidman.

The busty Latina admits she was surprised to see Kidman take over the role of a sex-crazed woman who pens letters to men on death row because the Oscar winner is known for her class and sophistication.

She says, "It (the character) was some trashy, sexy woman trying to marry a guy that is on death row. Nicole Kidman must be really good to do that. For me, just a miniskirt and I'm ready, but Nicole Kidman is classy even in a miniskirt."

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