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Sinead O'Connor parts ways with manager following 'miserable' affair

Sinead O'Connor has parted ways with her manager after revealing she fell for him and carried on an affair behind his girlfriend's back.

In a new post to her blog, the Irish singer reveals she's looking for a new svengali to take care of her business affairs after her professional relationship with her last manager turned personal.

The Nothing Compares 2 U singer writes, "Have had to leave my manager. Not that we didn't get on well, we got on too well, both fell equally in love. Had a month long affair, but he has a girlfriend, so naturally I gotta vanish. Extraordinarily sad and depressing, but there it is. Another manager bites the dust.

"So now I need to find a new manager and I haven't a f**king clue where to start."

And she admits her latest love connection wasn't a happy one: "Been secretly f**king miserable as a motherf**ker since the second it started. Wasn't at all proud of myself. Or him.

"Never, ever messing with someone else's fella again. Its (sic) the most disgusting thing a woman could possibly do to another woman. And it smacks of zero self-esteem. So, back to the therapist for Sinead."

O'Connor was set to remarry her fourth husband Barry Herridge, a therapist, earlier this year (14), but the couple opted to stay friends instead.

Concluding her latest blog entry, the singer has asked fans to recommend anyone they think would make a suitable manager adding, "If anyone knows anyone who might be interested in managing me could they please e mail me at Iamwonderful@me.com. I do not have a career in America, my career is European based, so it needs to be someone who is familiar with the European market. While waiting for the right permanent manager I could do with a 'temp' so if you know anyone please let me know."

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