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Shia LaBeouf went to sketchy dentist to have tooth removed for new movie

Shia Labeouf struggled to find a reputable doctor to remove a tooth for his role in new war drama Fury, because his odd request made no "medical sense" to most dental experts.

The Transformers star plays a tank gunner in the World War Two drama and decided before filming began that his character should be missing a tooth, so he went to extremes to look the part.

However, he admits finding someone who would remove it for him wasn't as easy a task as he had initially thought.

The actor explains, "I got it removed for the movie... (and) I put a fake one in. That was a real mission getting it taken out too, because it's not like you can go to some dentist... and go in there, like, 'Hey, I wanna get this tooth taken out'. They're like, 'You wanna do what? That doesn't make any medical sense at all'.

"I found a guy in Reseda (California) next to a Radio Shack (electronic store) and he didn't ask too many questions."

LaBeouf also cut his cheek open so he'd have a real scar for the movie after make-up sessions failed to produce an authentic fake wound.

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