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Sharlto Copley: 'I won't be playing a really bad guy again after Elysium'

Elysium star Sharlto Copley insists his days as a movie bad guy are numbered because he hates making co-stars feel uncomfortable.

The actor hated having to intimidate Alice Braga, as brutal Agent Kruger, in the new sci-fi movie - because he really got into the role and left his co-star terrified.

He tells WENN, "If I hadn't gotten to know her it would've been even harder to intimidate her and make her feel uncomfortable. It still was unpleasant. It was the first time that I had ever done something like that.

"But I was struggling through that... I don't think I'll do a lot of bad guys. I have a real issue with any kind of abuse, verbal or otherwise. It really sets me off.

"There's very few things I'll get aggressive about but that (abuse) happens a lot in South Africa, where I'm from. That really gets me p**sed off. I was very grateful I didn't have to do anything else. If (director) Neill (Blomkamp) said, 'You gotta rape her', I probably would've said, 'No, I can't'."

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