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Shailene Woodley doesn't let status impact life

Shailene Woodley admits she was initially affected by fame but no longer allows her status to impact her daily life.

The 24-year-old actress has been on the Hollywood scene since her teen years, but her casting in films The Fault in Our Stars and Divergent, both based on hugely successful books, catapulted her to super stardom.

As her star continues to soar, Shailene no longer lets her status have any impact on her day-to-day life.

"I think at first I was. Then I realised my life hadn't changed and as long as I could stay true to that I don't think any external force could really affect me," she shrugged to Britain's Metro newspaper.

She's also come to terms with watching herself on screen, though confesses that it's not her favourite part of the job.

"I don't know if it's enjoyable but it's something I'm grateful for," she explained. "It's a way of critiquing what I do, so I know better for the next round how I can adjust and grow my strengths."

Next up the star can be seen in Snowden, based on the story of CIA employee Edward Snowden who leaked thousands of classified documents to the press. Shailene plays Edward's (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) girlfriend Lindsay Mills.

"Absolutely, in terms of being a 24-year-old woman thinking about whether I want to have kids in the future, and if I do have kids what kind of world I want to bring them into," she said of being attracted to the role.

"Regardless of whether you agree or don't agree with what Snowden did, I feel very grateful to have the information he made available to me, in terms of privacy and knowing what rights are being honoured and what rights are not being honoured."

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