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Seth Rogen makes Odd Future TV show cameo dressed in drag

Actor Seth Rogen dressed in drag for a hilarious cameo appearance on rap group Odd Future's comedy sketch show on Thursday night (22May14).

The latest episode of the hip-hop collective's program Loiter Squad, which airs on America's Adult Swim network, features a bizarre clip in which Rogen, playing a six-year-old girl, becomes involved in a fight with three of the group's members.

The short scene opens with rappers Tyler, The Creator, Earl Sweatshirt and Jasper Dolphin skateboarding before spotting a 'little girl' who they notice looks like the This Is The End star.

As the camera pans across, Rogen is seen wearing a pink dress and playing with an American football alone before Sweatshirt mocks his sporting ability and instigates a fight.

The clip ends with Rogen cowering on the floor crying for help while the rappers surround the actor and jeer at him.

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