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Selena Gomez invests in new mobile app

Selena Gomez has thrown her support behind a new mobile phone application which helps users keep in touch with friends and family members.

The Who Says hitmaker has signed on as a key investor in the company Postcard On the Run and she'll work with business bosses to aid in the development process.

The application gives smart phone users the ability to take pictures and send them to a virtual network, where they can then be made into postcards and sent anywhere in the world.

Speaking about her involvement, the Disney star says, "I've always loved the old-fashioned touch of sending real postcards, but I never have time anymore with my busy travel schedule. Now it's easy.

"The one thing that I always have with me is my smart phone. In just seconds, I can send personalised photo postcards to my family and friends right from my phone. It's a new way to stay in touch the old school way."

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