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Seal: 'My angry reputation is undeserved'

Seal has fired back at reports suggesting his hot temper is behind his marriage split from Heidi Klum, insisting his fiery reputation is undeserved.

The soul singer admits he has lost his cool in front of the paparazzi at times and there is one airport incident that keeps coming back to haunt him - but he tells CNN TV host Piers Morgan that he is not an angry man.

Recalling the altercation at LAX, the Kiss From a Rose singer says, "I've the rock star with the hot temper... We were swarmed by about anything between 15 and 20 paparazzi in the airport and one of them hit my son in the head with a camera lens and I obviously said something... and then of course I become the angry stereotype."

But the British star is adamant his temper is not behind the break up of his marriage, adding, "I'm not going to sit here and lie to you and say that I don't get animated... but having a volcanic temper, raising my voice or screaming... at my wife or my children or that being the reason for a break up... that's like water off a duck's back for me, but it's hurtful... That our kids may come across that piece of information, which just isn't true, because you know, as kids, you start asking yourself, well, did I miss something?"

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