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Scotty McCreery returning to high school to serve out senior year

Scotty Mccreery is returning to high school to serve out the final months of his senior year.

North Carolina native McCreery put his studies on hold to audition for the 10th season of hit show American Idol in 2011. He won the competition and extended his leave of absence to concentrate on his music career.

However, the I Love You This Big hitmaker is now setting his sights on furthering his education, revealing he's due to finish up his time at Garner Magnet High School once he wraps up his concert tour with Brad Paisley this spring (12).

He tells the News Observer, "Almost everywhere I go someone wants to take a picture or talk to me, but at the high school I'm just another guy with a backpack who wears jeans and a T-shirt. At school, it is just like I never left."

And former baseball player McCreery plans on making the most of his experience by reprising his role as the varsity team's relief pitcher - even though he's a little rusty.

He adds, "I'm in an adult world now, but I want to be able to play baseball with my friends. I still want to have a senior year in high school and play some baseball. I've got work to do. But I think it will come back when I can get home and practice every day instead of one day a week or so."

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