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Scotty McCreery hounded by classmates for autographs

Country star-turned-college student Scotty Mccreery is constantly hounded by classmates for his autograph.

The former American Idol winner enrolled as a freshman at North Carolina State University this autumn (12) and McCreery insists he hasn't had any trouble balancing his schoolwork with his career.

He tells TasteOfCountry.com, "I'm enjoying it. For me, my number one priority always has to be the music, and I'm going to work school around my music - not music around my school...

"So far, it's not been that difficult... I've just had to have better time management on the road. Instead of sitting down for an hour playing Xbox (video games), I have to sit down and study or write a paper. That just comes with growing up and maturing. As long as I can do that, I think this whole college thing is going to be easy. If I just wait until 5am when something's due in the morning, then that might kill me, but we'll see."

The Trouble With Girls hitmaker admits his only difficulty is trying to dodge requests for his autograph on campus.

He adds, "I've had classmates ask (for autographs), but at school I try and stay away from that. Not so much because I don't want to - I mean, I'd love to sit there and sign for everybody, but when I'm at school, I'm a student, and I don't want to take away from anybody else's education, and I don't want to take away from mine. I'm not going there to be Scotty McCreery the celebrity in my math class. I'm going there to actually learn the course and get a degree. So they've asked, and I respect that, but for the most part I try and stay away from that at college."

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