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Scherzinger caught out at waxing session

Written by . Published: August 07 2011

Pop star Nicole Scherzinger had an awkward encounter with a fan who revealed her adoration during a bikini wax session.

The Pussycat Dolls star was grimacing in pain as the beautician insisted she was her biggest devotee.

The Don't Cha singer recalls, "The girl's doing her thing down there and she's like, RIP, and she goes, 'I love you so much...' I was like, 'Oh, erm thank you, oh my God, she knows me...' She's like, 'I'm your biggest fan'.

"And then she goes, 'I can't help it, can I take a picture with you?' I felt so embarrassed and I was like, 'Can we finish that first before we take a picture?'"

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