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Scarlett Johansson still questions Ghost in the Shell role

Scarlett Johansson still isn’t sure if she’s the right choice for Ghost In The Shell.

The American actress' casting in the film adaption of the Japanese manga series caused uproar when it was announced, with many accusing director Rupert Sanders of white-washing the traditional tale.

And Scarlett admits her feelings on playing cyborg lead The Major, who along with her force must prevent an attack from hackers, are still mixed.

“Oh gosh, now you’re going to bring in all of my insecurities,” she told Collider when quizzed on her being chosen for the part. “You know, I think... I don’t know if I was the right person, but I think Rupert and I shared the same vision for the character.”

The 31-year-old added that it will be up to audiences to judge if she was right for the role in the end.

But she is adamant that she put all of her energy into the character.

“I do work that I think I can do and be challenged by and have a take on,” explained Scarlett.

She also promised the audience will see her “kick a bunch of ass, and look awesome doing it”, which she’s confident will entertain viewers.

It’s another strong female alter ego for Scarlett following on from her portrayal of Black Widow in The Avengers and Captain America movies, and she admits that like bringing the Marvel character to life, she was nervous about The Major.

“I think when you have a character that’s so beloved, and certainly even with Black Widow, bringing that character to life was sort of daunting,” she said. “Just because of course people have a lot of opinions about these characters that they love and grew up with and are inspired by and so forth...”

Ghost in the Shell, also starring Juliette Binoche and Michael Pitt, hits cinemas in March next year (17).

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