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Ryan Reynolds' flight exit held up by sick passenger

Ryan Reynolds experienced an unexpected travel delay upon landing at Los Angeles International Airport on Wednesday (08Aug12) after a passenger was taken ill on his flight.

The Green Lantern star was ready to make a hasty exit from the Virgin Airways aircraft as soon as it arrived at the terminal, but he was halted at the doorway as airport security rushed to the aid of the sickly man sitting in economy class.

Ryan Reynolds was forced to return to his seat in first class and wait patiently as flight staff tended to the traveler and helped to escort him off the plane.

A Virgin representative tells the New York Post's Page Six column, "There was minor medical guest issue that required attention from local personnel upon landing, but it was resolved quickly."

The actor was allowed to disembark the aircraft shortly afterwards and donned a cap and sunglasses to try and avoid unwanted attention as he rushed through the airport.

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