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Ryan Gosling invites fan to join him on TV

Ryan Gosling thrilled a young fan on late-night TV on Thursday (10Jan13) when he picked a girl out of the studio audience during an appearance on Conan and whispered sweet nothings in her ear.

After acknowledging that many people frequent talk shows in a bid to get on camera, the movie star opted to make someone's dream come true and invited pretty Linda from Westminster, California to join him onstage - and answer chat show host Conan O'Brien's questions.

When he asked her about her hometown, Gosling whispered in the fan's ear and she repeated his comedy comment, telling O'Brien, "I like your suit, do they make it for men?"

Gosling then whispered another line into his new friend's ear and she repeated, "You have a big mouth and you just like to run it."

O'Brien laughed and said, "This is the most hostile interview I've ever taken part in."

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