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Ryan Adams covering every song on Taylor Swift's 1989

Rocker Ryan Adams has made Taylor Swift's year by announcing his plans to cover every song on her hit 1989 album and offer them up as downloads to their fans.

Adams, who is a huge fan of Swift's latest release, recently shared a snippet from his version of her Welcome to New York on Instagram.com and he has now confirmed he's hoping to rework all the songs on the album as a salute to the Love Story singer.

Catching wind of his plans on Twitter.com on Thursday (06Aug15), Swift cooed, "@TheRyanAdams is this true??????? I WILL PASS OUT", prompting Adams, who is one of her musical heroes, to tweet back, "Yes. Just finished Style... We're sandblasting them and they're holding steady."

Swift shot back, "Cool I'm not gonna be able to sleep tonight or ever again and I'm going to celebrate today every year as a holiday. I'M CALM."

Adams has always been a big fan of 1989, previously tweeting, "This new @taylorswift13 album is kicking my heart down the street like an old tin can. Blue fog. Neon. Overcast perfection. Let it in."

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