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Run The Jewels unhappy with Kevin Hart's new movie title

Run The Jewels star El-P is considering legal action over Kevin Hart's new movie, which shares the band's name for its title.

It was announced on Tuesday (21Jun16) that the comedian would be producing the action-comedy, about a group of failed rappers who attempt to rob a hip-hop mogul, with his company Hartbeat Productions in a deal with Universal.

The movie is called Run the Jewels, the band name used by hip-hip duo Killer Mike and rapper/producer El-P.

El-P, real name Jaime Meline, hinted on Twitter that he would be talking to his lawyers, and setting them on Kevin like a hungry dog.

"Excuse me while I go starve a savage pack of lawyers for 7 days," he tweeted, referencing the latest episode of TV show Game of Thrones, where Iwan Rheon's villain Ramsay Bolton starves his dogs for seven days ahead of his battle against Kit Harington's Jon Snow.

When a user writes to El-P asking why he wasn't asked for permission, or at least notified, he replied, "prolly (probably) lost or (sic) number. its cool we'll be calling them."

Another follower alerted the rapper to a tweet he wrote in 2013, in which he wrote "4 words: RUN THE JEWELS MOVIE," and he responded by clarifying that he meant a film about the duo, or with their involvement.

He told another that he was "doubtful" about Kevin's movie and told two followers discussing if the same name is simply a coincidence, "you'll both be hearing from my lawyers".

Band member Killer Mike, who has been a vocal campaigner for Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders in recent months, has remained silent on the movie.

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