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Ruby Rose blasts Instagram bosses for deleting fan accounts

Actress Ruby Rose has blasted Instagram bosses for removing fan pages before combating online bullying.

The Orange is the New Black star was alerted to the fact social media accounts dedicated to her by devotees were being deleted, prompting Ruby to call out staff at the photo-sharing site for destroying her fan community.

The actress is convinced the powers that be at Instagram should be turning their attention to tackling online bullying, rather taking down innocent accounts, which were positive places for her fans.

"Yo @instagram why you gotta play my biggest fans like that?!" she writes. "You deleted their account and they were not doing anything wrong. Breaks my heart because I know it meant so much to them. Now @rubyrosedaily_ . Come on.. It was a fan favorite. To be honest this account got photos of me I never even knew were taken... they would get my news before me.. Haha."

In a separate post, she adds, "Real talk I just found out Instagram is deleting fan accounts across the board... Ok.. No worries... But how about BEFORE you do that.. You work out a way to STOP CYBER BULLYING and people writing horrible things to one another. That's some weird priorities. Fan pages are just people having fun building communities.. There are far worse things going on, on your platform..."

She goes on to tell Instagram bosses she would appreciate if they could also tackle the spam advertising diets, ways to make money and celebrity sex tapes posted in comment sections.

This is not the first time celebrities have taken issue with Instagram - stars including Chelsea Handler, Miley Cyrus and Cara Delevingne protested against the site's anti-nudity policy, which bans women's nipples in photos but not men's. Rihanna's account was deleted in 2014 after she posted a string of topless shots. Her account has since been reinstated.

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