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Robert Downey, Jr. takes swipe at British reporter with Instagram snap

Robert Downey, Jr. took a sly swipe at the British reporter he walked out on during an awkward TV interview in London earlier this week (begs20Apr15) by praising newswoman Diane Sawyer for practising "legitimate journalism" in a new Instagram.com post.

The Iron Man star was promoting the new Avengers movie, Age of Ultron, in the U.K. on Wednesday (22Apr15) and sat down with respected British journalist Krishnan Guru-Murthy for a Channel 4 News segment.

However, the actor cut short the chat after becoming annoyed by Guru-Murthy's line of questioning as he delved into the star's chequered past, and he subsequently stormed out of the studio, claiming, "It's just getting a bit Diane Sawyer...", referring to the veteran newswoman's reputation for probing interviews.

Downey, Jr. came face-to-face with Sawyer herself on Friday (24Apr15), when they were both guests on morning show Live with Kelly and Michael, and the action man used the opportunity to take a dig at Guru-Murthy by sharing a snap of the two together on his new Instagram.com page.

He captioned the photo, "A corrective experience with legitimate journalism".

Sawyer was promoting her candid chat with former Olympian Bruce Jenner, who is expected to open up about his decision to transition into a woman in an exclusive interview, which will air in on Friday night (24Apr15).

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