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Rita Ora struggles to deal with bullies

Pop star Rita Ora is regularly bombarded with online abuse from Internet trolls and even suffers nasty comments when she is out in public.

The R.I.P. hitmaker debuted as a judge on British reality TV show The Voice on Saturday (10Jan15), and she fears appearing on a high-profile series will lead to an increase in negativity.

She tells Britain's Daily Star on Sunday, "I get negativity all the time. I have it on Twitter constantly and I get it walking down the street. When I was first in the public eye I had so much random s**t and so many crazy things happened. It was with everything - from how I dress to what I say and how I sing. So I really had to commit to the way I am.

"I've been getting so nervous about what people will think of me... So being on the show is intimidating. It's like I'm giving myself to people. But I'm going to watch and I will be looking at Twitter."

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