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Rita Ora performed Fast + Furious stunts with no rehearsals

Rita Ora had no rehearsal time for her stunts in the new Fast + Furious movie after signing up as a late addition to the cast.

The How We Do (Party) hitmaker plays the leader of a London racing crew in Fast + Furious 6, which is set for release in May (13).

However, movie bosses didn't have enough time in their shooting schedule for Ora to rehearse her stunts.

She tells Digitalspy.co.uk, "They needed a head girl (for) the girl drivers of London town. They asked me, 'Would you mind being the leader of the pack in London?' I was like, 'Of course, I'd love to'. And I think it summed up a great year for me, life kind of changed last year, so I did feel like a cool little leader when I was playing that role.

"I didn't actually have time to rehearse any stunts because I literally got asked the day before the whole set was finished. I had to kind of come in and shoot it at the last minute."

Ora, who has previously appeared in 2004 British crime film Spivs, also reveals she would love her songs to accompany a big screen project.

She adds, "I'd love to do a whole soundtrack to a movie. I'd love to even have a feeling about what I can do. Because soundtracks to movies are really important... I think it's a big deal to have a great soundtrack for a movie."

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