Rita Ora no longer interested in festival urinating device

Rita Ora has abandoned plans to invest in a new device that allows women to pee freely at festivals, revealing she has already sunk "thousands" into the project.

The singer and TV personality has told The Sun the investment was "the worst" of her life, revealing she initially thought the personal urinating funnel, which would allow women to relieve themselves like men, was a great idea.

"When women need to go we need to go but guys don't have that problem," she says. "When you need to go you just post up on the corner and let it go.

"It (device) was so you don't have to go the bathroom and miss your spot (at a festival), because some people have been waiting for, like, five hours. So instead of weeing yourself you have this cup that disposes the wee so you can use it later."

But the How We Do singer adds, "That is one of my worst investments. It fell through and it looked weird and I thought, 'I can't be bothered to do this, you know what, just wee on the floor'."