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Riff Raff offers prom dates for $28,000

Rapper Riff Raff has advertised himself as a prom date for an eye watering $28,000-a-night.

The hip-hop star, who also uses the moniker Jody Highroller, posted the offer on Instagram.com and insisted that only over-18s are allowed to place bookings.

An image posted on the site reads, "List of things when Riff Raff takes you to prom: Full Twitter and Instagram promo for 7 days saying who you are and that he is taking you to prom. Pull up in a Lamborghini so that your whole school knows you are with Jody Highroller and u are now a legend at your school. Freestyle videos and iconic prom pictures all night. The best penthouse suite in town."

Riff Raff is clearly in the mood to sell as he also advertised a pair of his personalised, one-off trainers on the photosharing site for fans to place bids on, on eBay.com.

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