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Reese Witherspoon named Crate and Barrel ambassador

Actress Reese Witherspoon has been unveiled as the new brand ambassador for home decor company Crate And Barrel.

The Legally Blonde star created her clothing and lifestyle company Draper James in 2015, and as that business is expanding into the home accessories market, she has been invited to collaborate on an exclusive line with the housewares giant.

"I started Draper James because growing up in the South we love to entertain, we love parties, and we love having family and friends over," she gushed to America's Marie Claire as she announced the new partnership. "So when I created the brand I wanted to talk about entertaining and lifestyle.

"And then there was this natural collaboration with Crate and Barrel, that’s been doing such an incredible quality of work for so long. We’re bringing southern charm to their timeless sensibility. We’re just a perfect match."

Reese has put her Draper James personal touch on all types of home goods for Crate and Barrel, including tableware, and she is excited to have the chance to show off some of the designs she helped create at her Christmas party this year (17).

"I have a Christmas party every year, so then I'll get to show (my co-stars) all the great stuff I’ve been working on," she smiled. "I love to have lots of different sizes and shapes of cake plates in my house. Crate and Barrel has some great ones, in marble."

Reese's daughter Ava, 18, will also be the beneficiary of her mum's housewarming skills when she heads off to university - the actress already has decoration plans for her teenager's college bedroom.

"How great would it be to have a dorm room decorated with Crate and Barrel pieces?" she laughed. "That would be amazing."

Draper James creations are available for sale now on the Crate and Barrel website and collections linking the two companies will be released in the spring and summer of 2018.

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