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Rebel Wilson left with hives, broken toe after spa visit

Australian actress Rebel Wilson has been filming her new comedy Super Fun Night with a broken toe after a recent spa vacation went drastically wrong.

The Pitch Perfect star took a break from filming her TV series earlier this month (Sep13) to enjoy a relaxing mini-holiday at a resort, but she suffered an allergic reaction and ended up covered in hives.

She says, "(I went) to a really ritzy resort spa and I got to do a facial and so I was like, 'Yes, I get to relax and have a facial.' I'm lying there and I start sneezing and I'm like, 'Wow, this is really embarrassing,' and I said, 'Can I please have a tissue? Sorry about the snot,' and she (the beautician) is like, 'That's OK, sometimes people do weird things when they're having facials...,' and then my throat starts closing up... so for the whole rest of the hour I'm like (can barely breathe).

"At the very end of the facial, the facialist comes down and whispers in my ear, 'You may have an allergic reaction to one of the masks,' and I was like, 'What?' So I jumped up and looked in the mirror and my whole face and neck was covered in hives, like big red welts, and I just ran down past all these people in robes relaxing, like, (screaming), and I took some antihistamines."

After the facial, Wilson went back to her room to relax, but ended up injuring herself further.

She continues, "I thought, 'OK the facial didn't work out, maybe I'll have a relaxing bubble bath.' I'm in the bubble bath and I... got out to go to the toilet... slip on the big marble floor and put my foot through the wall. So I've been filming Super Fun Night for the past few weeks with a broken toe."

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