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Rebel Wilson amazed musical orchestra with perfect pitch

Rebel Wilson amazed the orchestra of her Guys And Dolls musical with her pitch perfect singing ability.

The Australian actress has been in singing and dancing rehearsals in preparation for her West End debut as part of the classic musical from Tuesday (28Jun16), and the crew were thrown by the fact the comedy star can properly sing live - despite her starring in musical movies Pitch Perfect.

"In some of my songs I have to come in without the orchestra coming in first so I have to pitch it myself and then they were amazed that I hit the right notes," she told U.K. TV show This Morning. "I was like, 'Yeah, I've been in Pitch Perfect.'"

For some numbers, Rebel has wear two pairs of tights, Spanx control pants and high heels to play Miss Adelaide and admits it's such a tight fit she "couldn't eat for hours. It felt like there was no room physically to eat."

However, that hasn't stopped Rebel from indulging on cakes when she returns home after a long day of rehearsals, as she added, "Because when you've been singing and dancing all day and rehearsing for literally like nine hours and you're stressing, 'Am I going to be good in my West End debut? Are people gonna come?" She motioned eating a cake and concluded, "That's what I do."

One food group Rebel is cutting back on is diary, and that's not because of the role - she recently discovered she is "slightly" diary intolerant so she can no longer go near milkshakes. She loves chocolate too much to cut back, adding, "I just eat my way through the pain."

Rebel stars in the eight shows a week for eight weeks at the Phoenix Theater until 21 August (16). During her stay in London, she is also attending British tennis tournament Wimbledon, where she joked she'll be on the lookout for a husband.

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