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Rapper Riff Raff storms offstage

Riff Raff cut short a recent concert in Ohio after a fan smacked him in the chest with a flying beer can.

The former reality TV star was performing at the Halftime Fest at Ohio University in the city of Athens last weekend (05-06Oct13) when a member of the audience hurled a missile at the stage.

The can made contact with Riff Raff and he became so enraged, he halted the music and unleashed a furious rant at the crowd, challenging the person responsible to a fight.

He raged, "The most sucker ass motherf**ker throwing the can... I bet you won't step on the stage... I will whoop your f**king a**!"

When the suspect failed to own up to the stunt, Riff Raff decided to end the show and stormed offstage, saying, "F**king throw a can on me? For real... I'm done."

Riff Raff isn't the only rapper to be targeted by unruly fans in recent days - fellow hip-hop star Azealia Banks quit her set at the Listen Out Festival in Melbourne, Australia last weekend after a crowdmember threw a can of beer onstage, narrowly missing her.

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