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Rachel McAdams never visited New York before working as a tour guide

Canadian actress Rachel Mcadams once posed as a New York tour guide during a summer job in college, despite having never visited the Big Apple before.

The Notebook star reveals she was originally supposed to give visitors a tour of Ottawa, Ontario, but her destination was changed at the last minute when another tour guide became ill.

She says, "When I was a tour guide in New York, I had never been to New York...

"I was done school early that year from university, so they said, 'Would you want to go to New York?' and I had two days to prepare and I had never been (there). They gave me two binders (of information) to go through. I had 35 grade seven and eight kids on a bus and I had to talk on one of those (loud speakers) all the way to New York from Toronto. (I had) no idea (what I was talking about). I was like, 'I think that's the Mets (baseball) stadium over there'."

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