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Pete Doherty out of rehab

Troubled British rocker Pete Doherty has checked out of a rehab center in Thailand after undergoing treatment for a heroin addiction.

The former Libertines star has sought help with his drug demons on a number of occasions and was admitted to the Hope Rehab Center in Si Racha, Thailand in October (14) in a bid to kick his addictions for good.

Simon Mott, who runs Hope, has confirmed Doherty has now completed his treatment using a course of heroin substitute methadone, as well as therapy and exercise.

He also criticized fans who sent the star drugs in the post while he was at the center.

Mott tells MailOnline.co.uk, "He received a lot of fan mail which we searched before handing it over. Sadly, on two occasions, we intercepted drugs we had to destroy. It sickened me that there are such disgusting people out there who would go to such lengths to sabotage his treatment.

"When I threw the second package into the fire, I could smell the familiar stench of burning heroin, something I hadn't experienced since I stopped using it myself 12 years ago. Whoever did this has a warped mind."

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