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Perrie Edwards: 'I did not tell Zayn Malik to quit One Direction'

Perrie Edwards has dismissed speculation suggesting she encouraged her fiance Zayn Malik to leave One Direction earlier this year (15).

The Little Mix singer has been engaged to the pop star since 2013, and she faced a barrage of criticism from One Direction fans after Malik quit the group in March (15) in a bid to live a normal life.

Edwards has now spoken to silence the accusations, insisting the singer made the decision on his own, telling Britain's Fabulous magazine, "People have said did I do this, did I do that? No matter what decision he made, I was always going to support him. If he'd wanted to stay, I would have supported him just the same as I have done since he's left ... If he's happy then I'm happy.

"He's really good. Hopefully everyone understands that it was one of the hardest decisions he's ever made in his life... I don't think anyone other than him really knows what he was feeling in his head and heart, but he made that decision and was 100 per cent on it.

"And the fans have been great and his family have been great... I love them all, they're lush. And obviously I've been there for him. As long as he's happy, that all that matters."

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