Patrick J. Adams: 'I'd like to meet Prince Harry to make sure he's right for my 'sister''

Actor Patrick J. Adams is keen to meet his TV fiancee's real-life boyfriend, Prince Harry, so he can make sure the British royal has the right intentions.

The Suits star is dating Meghan Markle on the U.S. TV show and admits he feels very protective towards his "sister", so now that she and Harry appear to be getting serious, he's looking for a sit down with the royal.

"She's like a sister to me... so I'm just super happy for her that she's found someone that she seems to really be into," Adams tells Access Hollywood Live. "We don't talk about it a lot, obviously there's so much secrecy involved in something like that. I just sort of stay out if it.

"I would love to do that thing that a big brother gets to do, where you get to actually meet the guy, vet him a little bit.

"I think we should go through that process, just make sure he's up to speed... A couple of drinks, make sure he knows where his head's at, that he can take care of her... what are his intentions."